What is Deposit Restore?

When life keeps you from depositing your Week 9 months ahead of its start date, the Week transferred to your account doesn’t carry the maximum Deposit Trading Power possible. This is why we proudly offer Deposit Restore.

For just $69USD/$92CAD, you can restore your Deposit Trading Power to the maximum value (but you must purchase Deposit Restore at least 15 days before your week’s start date).

If your Week’s start date is less than 9 months away, you will automatically be provided the option to add Deposit Restore online and through the contact center. This way we can help you maximize your vacation options.

Remember - retaining the maximum Deposit Trading Power available for your Deposit means maximizing your Exchange options!

Please note:

  • Deposit Restore is eligible for deposits made less than 9 months from the check-in date. Weeks deposited less than 2 weeks from check-in date are not eligible to add Deposit Restore.
  • Deposit Restore is provided free and automatically for Platinum members if depositing more than 6 months before check-in date.