Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona, is a hallmark region of the American Southwest. It’s often referred to as Red Rock Country, which you’ll understand as soon as you catch sight of the auburn-hued mesas, towering rocky cliffs, and wide desert that seemingly stretches to infinity. Sedona’s breathtaking landscapes are even believed to have magical qualities: The uniquely shaped rock formations, called “vortexes,” are thought to emit energy, which comes directly from the earth and can be felt by those around them.

Whether or not you buy into this New Age mentality, the metaphysical vibe is all around town, be it at shops that sell every kind of crystal and natural gem, galleries that champion local surrealist artists, or chef-centric restaurants offering holistic fine-dining cuisine.

One of the best ways to get to know Sedona is by foot: There are tons of hiking trails that lead to scenic lookouts of the area’s singular red-rock formations. You can also rent a 4x4 and explore the backcountry on an afternoon outing—the spectacular vistas will never look so beautiful as during “magic hour,” just before sunset, when the red earth is bathed in golden light.


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